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Our Philosophy is to understand big data and make our own prediction. There are so many resources such that we are overwhelmed with information. It is critical to filter out those noise, bias, even artificially hyped messages which are corrupting our understanding of the true message.

We have automatic information collection system and real-time modeling engine which will collect and sort out the information you are concerned with. We can target on a specific website or monitor all relevant websites. We are helping you make adaptive, timely, intelligent decisions which will win you big PR moments, critical product marketing strategy and most of all, make yourself relevant to the online world.

We have 5 PhDs from top U.S. graduate schools majoring Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, and Linguistics. Together we have built our proprietary model to fuse all information, which dynamically evolve itself in 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We are providing a full set of solution to online media intelligence and business intelligence.

At the time while we are collecting more data, we are running our algorithm engine to predict what will be the possible news or trend available in the internet. The “trend” analysis is useless unless it is really trending. We are consistently improving our modeling based on available information and feedback from our model.

Various modeling, filtering, intelligencing techniques have been adapted in our technology.